Friday, May 25, 2012


I am about to take lunch with my officemates when we tried to steal several clicks  for a supposedly later in the afternoon photo session. I realized at that point that I still have to master the art of striking a pose without being mindful of whoever sees me in that feeling model situation.

I've been wearing this Rene Derhy vintage over-sized button down shirt for several times already. The geometric ethnic prints, over-sized kimono sleeves and the uneven hemlines makes this shirt very exceptional.
The shirt has a shorter length in front. Hence, I tucked it in to hide my mommy marks :)
The back has a pleated and longer length which adds volume to the over-sized shirt.
I need to wear a high-heeled shoes because I never had a chance to alter the length of my pants.
This is after we pigged-out and walked down the sundrenched street.
Watch out for my blog about Rene Derhy in the coming days :)

Top - Rene Derhy 
Pants - Gap
Shoes - asianvogue
Photos: Judy


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