Saturday, May 5, 2012


I'm on a official business last Wednesday for a orientation conducted by a certain government oversight agency. Afterwards, I took advantage of the early dismissal for some chit-chat slash photo ops session with my former officemate/good friend/Jamie's Godfather along the side street of Malacanang, Manila.

Since I have to ride a train going to the venue aside from the weather is so @$%^&amp! hot, I have to wear something very comfortable so I grabbed a loose shirt over a skinny jeans and oxford flats.

I started wearing loose top after giving birth to my baby Jamie a year ago. It became my confidant on times when my belly's not cooperating well because my jeans is too tight or too low or if I feel that the day would be so demanding it requires a lot of body movements.

I added a gold snakeskin necklace to jazz up the plain shirt.

I prefer pointed oxford flats because round toes like this seems to be so "school girl". But I don't mind because of the comfort that it may give plus plus plus it's on sale at 70% off!

I bought the printed socks down the LRT station for P50 - 3 pairs! It reminds me of the socks I saw at Forever 21 but a fraction of it's price; quality wise - not bad :)

I crossed the street to check if we could make a good distant shot.

These are some of the random shots that I took while sitting pretty in the side street.

 I surrender myself as the gust of air touches my face;
Without knowing that my work papers are all over the place ;)

Top - bargain
Pants - Bench, local brand
Necklace  - SM Accessories
Shoes - Australian
Socks - bargain
Photos: Igmidio


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