Wednesday, May 2, 2012


JEANS means FRIDAY and FRIDAY means WEEKEND! To me and my co-workers, jeans signals the end of five days of tiresome deadlines/activities and/or paid futile work hours. Friday means sporting comfortable jeans ensemble for any planned or "just in case I'm ready" after work night -outs just like what I wore last Friday.
In a burning like hell weather condition like in the Philippines, wearing a comfortable clothes is A MUST! or else you might end up in a sticky-icky situation or worst die instantly of heat stroke. Hence, I opted for a lightweight unlined cotton boyfriend blazer, layered it underneath with a leopard printed tank top and paired it with my favorite skinny blue jeans and beige studded flats. I'm ready for errands!Anyone?Oh I forgot, the sun's heat will kill me.

Blazer, contrasting tank top, jeans and flats when put together creates a casual-crisp-polished look.

Layering plain over contrasting color creates a certain pop in the outfit. 

Lace cuff
Gold hoop earrings

comfort and style = flats

Wearing comfortable clothes doesn't mean you have to look sluggish. Moreover, you don't have to spend too much money to be stylish. As long as you have the staple pieces in your closet, you can mix and match them without exerting too much effort.  

Animal printed tank top - thrifted
Lace blazer - thrifted
Studded Shoes - Australian
Earrings - SM Accessories
Belt -  SM Accessories
Photo: Ms. Sam



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