Thursday, April 26, 2012


Don't you sometimes get frustrated about how hard it is to outrun time even if you unleashed the superwoman in you? How you switch into other task instead of bidding your time until you get an approval from somebody who has the power to change the fate of the long overdue work papers you've been working on for the past months? This kind of situation oftentimes call us to perform multitasking to attend to other matters that requires our immediate attention and time. However, this is also the time that we tend to commit more mistakes and take longer to complete task because our brains is distracted from too many things to do at the same time.So, what is multitasking anyways?
In computer engineering industry, it refers to the ability of a microprocessor to apparently process several tasks simultaneously.
For Psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell, it is a “mythical activity in which people believe they can perform two or more tasks simultaneously as effectively as one.
Various studies have been made by specialists why human brain cannot  multitask well. Some of these are: 

  • "The brain exhibits a “response selection bottleneck” when asked to perform several tasks at once. The brain must then decide which activity is most important, thereby taking more time." - RenĂ© Marois, a psychologist of Vanderbilt University
  • Multitasking adversely affects how you learn. Even if you learn while multitasking, that learning is less flexible and more specialized, so you cannot retrieve the information as easily.We have to be aware that there is a cost to the way that our society is changing, that humans are not built to work this way. We’re really built to focus. And when we sort of force ourselves to multitask, we’re driving ourselves to perhaps be less efficient in the long run even though it sometimes feels like we’re being more efficient.” His research demonstrates that people use different areas of the brain for learning and storing new information when they are distracted: brain scans of people who are distracted or multitasking show activity in the striatum, a region of the brain involved in learning new skills; brain scans of people who are not distracted show activity in the hippocampus, a region involved in storing and recalling information.  - Russell Poldrack, a psychology professor at the University of California, Los Angeles 
  • “The most anterior part [of the brain] allows [a person] to leave something when it’s incomplete and return to the same place and continue from there,” while Broadman’s Area 10, a part of the brain’s frontal lobes, is important for establishing and attaining long term goals.Focusing on multiple dissimilar tasks at once forces the brain to process all activity in its anterior. Though the brain is complex and can perform a myriad of tasks, it cannot multitask well. - Jordan Grafman, chief of the cognitive neuroscience section at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Some research, however, suggests that the human brain can be trained to multitask.
  •  "Instead of a “bottleneck,” the brain experiences “adaptive executive control” which places priorities on each activity. These viewpoints differ in that, while bottlenecking attempts to force many thoughts through the brain at once, adaptive executive control prioritizes tasks to maintain resemblance of order. The brain better understands this order and, as psychologists such as Dr. Meyer believe, can therefore be trained to multitask. - Psychologist David Meyer of the University of Michigan
  • The brain’s capability of categorizing competing information continues to develop until ages sixteen and seventeen. Perhaps if people are trained to multitask at an early age, they will become efficient at multitasking.- Child Development by Monica Luciana, associate professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota

A study by Vanderbilt University found that multitasking is largely limited by “the speed with which our prefrontal cortex processes information.” Paul E. Dux, co-author of the study, believes that this process can become faster through proper training. The research team found that with training, the brain can think and perform certain tasks more quickly, effectively allowing time for another task. The study trained seven people to perform two simple tasks, either separately or together, and conducted brain scans of the participants. The individuals multitasked poorly at first but, with training, were able to adeptly perform the tasks simultaneously. Brain scans of the participants indicate that the prefrontal cortex quickened its ability to process the information, enabling the individuals to multitask more efficiently. However, the study also suggests that the brain is incapable of performing multiple tasks at one time, even after extensive training.This study further indicates that, while the brain can become adept at processing and responding to certain information, it cannot truly multitask. 

Multitasking might also be taking a toll on the economy. One study by researchers at the University of California at Irvine monitored interruptions among office workers; they found that workers took an average of twenty-five minutes to recover from interruptions such as phone calls or answering e-mail and return to their original task.

"When we talk about multitasking, we are really talking about attention: the art of paying attention, the ability to shift our attention, and, more broadly, to exercise judgment about what objects are worthy of our attention" 

Although some of the findings may be too scientific, it only boils down on imperfection of human capabilities. God is so wise He made us that way.

On the other side of this very serious discussion, multitasking may be also defined as the ability to shift attention to a something that is fun and stress-free such as "STRIKE A POSE!"  in between while waiting for a phone call from my boss which will finally lift my WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE status.

After a few shots, my boss has finally called. I have to leave Sam and be back before 5PM to resume our unfinished business.

We went to the fire exit stairs for a possible no onlookers. We were wrong. I forgot that that it's already 15 minutes before 5pm and everyone is excited to go home.Geeshh. Anyways, let's keep going.

Saturate! I've been using this striking orange bow cardigan since last year. The fabric is so silky you want it to wear over and over again. I just wished the bow is detachable so i can pair it with a tank top.
un-detachable satin  bow
When I saw this skirt, I immediately grab it and swipe my card instantly.After one month, it was put on sale at 50% off :(

This is one of my favorite thrifted skinny belt. I just love the velvet fabric and the embedded crystals in the buckle. I tried to look for the same kind in a regular shop but I can't find one. This is one of the perks in thrift shopping: exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces.

 Lightweight peep toe pump from a popular online shop: asian vogue shop

Too distracted by the people who passed by, we capped off this shoot by accidentally steppin' into the two cups of softdrinks that I robbed from our officemate.

Bow cardigan - Moschino
Knitted skirt - Forever 21
Velvet vintage belt - Thrifted
Peep toe pump - asianvogue
Photo: Ms. Sam 

BEWARE: Multitasking contributes to the release of stress hormones and adrenaline, which can cause long-term health problems if not controlled, and contributes to the loss of short-term memory. 


Happy chic


I just remembered the phenomenon of a split second rush of overloaded ideas followed by a sudden drop of energy or "I-must-note-down-and-execute-them-one-by-one-or-else-i'll-be-whacked-from-doing-nothing"which I blogged here. In simplest term, it may also be called as "multitasking phenomenon."

Credits to Wikipedia, and The New Atlantis publications
Photo credits to Samantha

Monday, April 23, 2012


This  is what I wore during my photo shoot for my first fashion blog (naks! feel na feel?): A silk midriff button down top and a blue vintage high-waist pants. I've been looking for this kind of pants for the longest time and lucky me, alas! I bought it after I gave birth last year and buried it in my closet for a year.    

The first remark I earned from this ensemble as I walked down the street of Amorsolo St. Makati with my one of closest officemate: "What's happening with you? The blue pants, it's so old school!". Hahaha.Whatever it takes. Even if my belly's tucked in for 8 hours - *wink*.


The cropped midriff silk top has a satin linings to make the bottom hem and shoulder area a bit heavier for a more structured look. The gold vintage buttons creates a certain vintage vibe and acts as accessory to the top as well.

1980's vibes.

I don't accessorize a lot. I just add these gold pearl earrings to finish the simple classic look.

Midriff Floral Top - Thrifted
High-waist blue pants - Thrifted
Earrings - SM accesories
Photo: Sam

See you around :)

Happy Chic

Saturday, April 21, 2012


By this time, Filipinos have already embraced the culture of thrift shopping or "ukay-ukay" in Filipino term. But some might be still hesitant to adapt this practice because of EGO and SANITATION.The "icky" feeling is there; the embarrassment you feel that someone might see you; perception that thrift shops are for people who don't have money to buy new clothes and so on. On a lighter note, some are just uncomfortable with the idea of wearing clothes that have been worn by someone they don't know. You can just imagine searching through the racks of unwanted dusty garments that collectively formed an unpleasant smell. And what adds more to this is that some thrift stores present themselves in a disheartening manner: FILTHY, HORRIBLE INVENTORY, LACK OF DECENT DRESSING ROOM and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Given a supreme effort, however, some things may not be the same thing anymore. Just think of these words: treasure hunting, surprises, environment friendly (recycling), quality and price, practicality, bonding and timeless charm. A little advise: CHOOSE the thrift shop you are planning to go into for the first time because it might discouraged you to shop for the second time :)

To give you some encouraging pat on the shoulder, let me share to you what I found during my unplanned quick visit in a thrift store at Monumento.

See for yourself :)

My sudden craving for bright colored eye catching clothing pieces started out when I found this Italian blazer 3 weeks ago. I gasped the moment I saw it. Hell yeah, THIS IS MINE OVER MY SEXY(?) BODY! I excitedly tried it on only to get frustrated. Too big but I bought it anyways. This baby deserves a new owner with compassionate heart who will treat her with tender loving care, shower with ariel anti-bac laundry detergent, indulge with the luxurious fragrance of downy conditioner and iron her to make her crease free.

Moving forward, the crisp tailored cut gives that  "uhhmmpp" sexiness even on a pair of jeans; it's bold summery colors blended well together while the black thick lines and houndstooth cuff adds contrast to the overall design of the fabric.  

Aspring model-modelan: Samantha ;)
Accentuated with playful big orange buttons just like frosting in cake. 

And speaking of cakes, my co-worker Samantha  has a food blog open for 24 hours :) She bakes heavenly homemade bridadeiros a.k.a choco fudge truffles. You can message her for orders. Believe me, I'm not a fan of  pastries not until I tasted it. This is not a paid advertisement :)

Sam's shoes is new, obvious ba?

Blazer - Thrifted, Sam's new baby :)
Pants and Shoes - Sam's

This marks as my first fashion blog ever.
There will be a lot of outfit post after this.
And oh did I tell you that thrift shopping is addictive?

 Happy Chic

Thursday, April 19, 2012


What do you the call the phenomenon of a split second rush of overloaded ideas followed by a sudden drop of energy? It is called "I-must-note-down-and-execute-them-one-by-one-or-else-i'll-be-whacked-from-doing-nothing" or in equivalent Filipino expression "drawing-lang naman, napagod pa?" Seriously, I had a lot of things jammed in my fickle mind. And everyday, it piles up whenever I want to do or try something new but end up doing nothing.Sigh..Time is too expensive to waste and I'm losing millions already!I should have bought a house by now.haha.

Moving on, as I commit myself to make use of my precious time VERY wisely, let me roll down the cues of the things that will remind me every time  I'm in my forgetful self. (drum roll please.)
  1. 51 classes on english proficiency.
  2. Dressmaking short courses.
  3. Thrift shopping.
  4. Vintage garments.
  5. Budget proposal-DONE
  7. Logic.
  8. Ebay
  9. Photos and photo albums
  10. Exercise.
  12. DIY project.
  13. Siblings.
  14. Budget.
  15. SAVINGS.
  16. Photography.
  17. Forbidden credit card swipes.
  18. COOK.
  19. FAMILY DAY..
  20. Shakes.
  21. Travel.
  22. Airfare sale.
  23. File.
  24. Insurance.
  25. Bank account.
  26. 1'1 I.D picture 
  27. Patience, patience and patience.
  28. Body Massage.
  29. Hair color.
  30. Foot spa.
  31. CLEAN.
  32. Drink.
  33. Socialize.
  34. Friends.
  35. SMILE.
  39. CHOOSE.

Oh yes, I'm done with no. 39! And I choose no. 37 :)

Still, my lifetime commitment as a mother and a wife is the most important duty I have right now. Well, I'll just have to slot in some of these things in my spare time, take it one at a time and splash it with confidence!

For the meantime, let me finish first my 2-week overdue work papers which I am now tagged as "WANTED:DEAD OR ALIVE".

Happy Chic

Monday, April 16, 2012


Summer is as bright as neon but not as hot like fire! This is the time when I wanted to manipulate the weather or just call Storm to do the job. But for now, let us beat the heat and lounge in a pool of water just like we did.
This indoor pool costs P2,500.

I just thought that lifeguards should wear neon trunks just like Jamie did :) 

 He's too excited to swim.

Not bad for a first timer.

man-made shark!

Alas! more photographs.more exposure.haha. 

  Sorry Mr.Spiderman, you can't swim :)

Happiness is being able to capture moments of excitement :)

How about you? How did you spend your weekend?

Happy Chic


We are off to hospital for jamie's varicella (chicken pox) vaccination today. As I always tell him " lagot yang pwet mo ngayon". It doesn't bother him anyways, not until the nurse shot him from behind. Afterwards, we went to Trinoma to treat our little  baby :)

 We ordered french fries at Greenwich;

 and ate our lunch at Super Bowl of China.

Next stop:  Carousel ride.
Jamie needs a little horseback riding with daddy :)

Looks like my two boys are having fun :)

 Oh's getting boring. Haha.
Come on down!

 Beware strangers, you might bump with this little playful boy.
He scamper a lot!!

See I told you. Enjoy ang bata di ba?

 Oh no, daddy is running too!

 Daddy is tying up his shoe laces.

Lampin came to the rescue!  He still never stops from wandering around :0

He drank 4 ounces of water.

A little chitchat on the side.

 Time zone at Kidzone.

 I wonder where he is getting so much energy he had today.

Some serious matinee idol look.

Daddy is dog-tired (I should be the one!!)

I admit, I'm drained.
But  when you see this adorable boy goofing around and having fun with daddy in one corner -- dog-tired..hahaha.It makes me laugh and savor every moment of it.

Have a great Saturday!

Happy Chic
the honorable photographer