Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One of the reason why I go thrift shopping is to dig fully lined dresses, jackets and vest. My desire to own something velvety inside gives me an illusion of splurging on luxurious and enviable a must-have exquisite piece. Whenever I find one, I give myself a pat on the back -- lucky girl, mission accomplished!! The next thing I do, however, is to pay at the counter and hurriedly leave the store before my compulsive buying and "what if's?" strikes again :)

This thrifted vest I unearthed during one of my unplanned thrift shopping is exactly what I am looking for -- except that it is three sizes bigger than my normal clothing size.Good thing it has tie at the back to keep the vest from not looking too baggy.

I want to make the vest as the main dish of the entire look, so I came up with an all black top, skirt and shoes with gold accents as the side dish.


What I like most about this vest -- aside from it is fully lined --- is it has an exquisite vintage gold buttons.  
Mesh is a great option to add spice on a black ensemble.
Mesh details like this gives a bit of sexiness without showing off a bare skin.
Gold and Black  when mix together equals ELEGANCE.

This vest is "one" of my best thrift haul this year. I use "one" because there are too many of them confined in my closet waiting for their turn to shine :) Truly I am one of the the luckiest thrift shopper in town!
Knit Top - Thrifted
Vest - Thrifted
Skirt - bargain
Belt - SM Accessories
Necklace -  SM Accessories
Shoes - Asianvogue
Photos: Nice

happy chic

Sunday, August 19, 2012


My son has tons of photos, printed and unprinted, taken by firing a thousand of shots just to get a really good ones. However, this particular shot is taken one time and without chasing him around.I can't take my eyes off it. Just looking at my little angel washes away all worries in life and inspire me to be positive at all times :) 
The way he stood and smile seems he's now ready to face the world.
Back to the usual photo routine, I have to keep calling his name just to look at the camera.

It's funny how he ran towards me after each shot just to see how he looks like. If you could only see his face while I'm browsing his pictures, he's a camera whore! :)


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Seein' me in my long hair is a sign of a lag post. Again, I've been on hiatus for a month due to intense work obligation. Anyways, I have four outfit lag posts. This is the first one :0

I'm a bit hesitant to wear this dress since the lace details extends up to the cleavage section forming a sweetheart cut. Although I don't have any cleavage to deal with (I'm asking God why??), the fact that almost half of the bodice is visible to the naked eye, gave me apprehensions from wearing it. I feel bare! So to secure myself myself from unwanted stares (if any, haha), I wore a black bandeau inside.

I have waited one and a half months for this super comfy chunky sandals. I wore it the next day for this shoot.

I never thought I would be wearing this kind of dress on a rainy season. It's kinda weird how I forced myself and my photographer for the day to take photos while drizzling outside. 

While we are taking photos, a traffic enforcer apprehended us that shooting without permit is prohibited in the public street of Makati. He also added "buti sana kung cellphone camera lang ang gamit nyo eh pang-professional na ang hawak nyo eh". No but's, we ended the shoot right away. 

What's wrong with SLR camera??

Dress - thrifted
Shoes - asianvogue


Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hi!!! How are you? Finally, I'm back! with a new haircut :)

I was chained in my chair for a month (!) to finish my month-long overdue documents.  It's crazy how things got complicated because of uncontrollable downbeat forces: abandoned post, the President's "teka teka, nagmamadali, nagmamadali? may lakad may lakad???" mode, lightning fast mid-year government reforms, impractical deadlines, feeble internal system, waiting-in-vain scenarios, and cluttered brains cells, among others. Well, the problem is ME—letting these negativities affect me. In the end, I had sky-high anxieties, a hot temper, extreme laziness, constant migraines, and hair loss. It came to a point when Mr. Patience screamed its lungs out as Mr. Tension hung on my hair like Tarzan in great triumph. To end this up, I chopped my hair short. What's the connection?.It's just like eating chocolates when one's feeling down. A process when one needs to do "something" to relieve oneself from stress and cope up with the demanding situations. In my case, a sign of frustration wanting for a CHANGE.

I remembered my officemate says in facebook -- "Para maka move-on, dapat new shoes". I totally agree! A new haircut with a new pair of shoes.Sounds good to me. Hihi.

The only thing that concerns me now is: How to grow back my hair faster? hahaha. I just miss her :(

Have a great hair day :)