Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hi!!! How are you? Finally, I'm back! with a new haircut :)

I was chained in my chair for a month (!) to finish my month-long overdue documents.  It's crazy how things got complicated because of uncontrollable downbeat forces: abandoned post, the President's "teka teka, nagmamadali, nagmamadali? may lakad may lakad???" mode, lightning fast mid-year government reforms, impractical deadlines, feeble internal system, waiting-in-vain scenarios, and cluttered brains cells, among others. Well, the problem is ME—letting these negativities affect me. In the end, I had sky-high anxieties, a hot temper, extreme laziness, constant migraines, and hair loss. It came to a point when Mr. Patience screamed its lungs out as Mr. Tension hung on my hair like Tarzan in great triumph. To end this up, I chopped my hair short. What's the connection?.It's just like eating chocolates when one's feeling down. A process when one needs to do "something" to relieve oneself from stress and cope up with the demanding situations. In my case, a sign of frustration wanting for a CHANGE.

I remembered my officemate says in facebook -- "Para maka move-on, dapat new shoes". I totally agree! A new haircut with a new pair of shoes.Sounds good to me. Hihi.

The only thing that concerns me now is: How to grow back my hair faster? hahaha. I just miss her :(

Have a great hair day :)


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