Saturday, August 18, 2012


Seein' me in my long hair is a sign of a lag post. Again, I've been on hiatus for a month due to intense work obligation. Anyways, I have four outfit lag posts. This is the first one :0

I'm a bit hesitant to wear this dress since the lace details extends up to the cleavage section forming a sweetheart cut. Although I don't have any cleavage to deal with (I'm asking God why??), the fact that almost half of the bodice is visible to the naked eye, gave me apprehensions from wearing it. I feel bare! So to secure myself myself from unwanted stares (if any, haha), I wore a black bandeau inside.

I have waited one and a half months for this super comfy chunky sandals. I wore it the next day for this shoot.

I never thought I would be wearing this kind of dress on a rainy season. It's kinda weird how I forced myself and my photographer for the day to take photos while drizzling outside. 

While we are taking photos, a traffic enforcer apprehended us that shooting without permit is prohibited in the public street of Makati. He also added "buti sana kung cellphone camera lang ang gamit nyo eh pang-professional na ang hawak nyo eh". No but's, we ended the shoot right away. 

What's wrong with SLR camera??

Dress - thrifted
Shoes - asianvogue


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