Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As I see myself in front of the mirror, I saw a hideous sagging skin and a protruding tummy  in front of me. As I'm about to slap my face to wake me up from this dream, someone hit me from behind, I turned around and saw an angel giggling. His eyes were set on my tummy, then he touches it, feels it and spank it! The world started to spin around me, in rapid motion, as fast as it could. Then it stopped.A little boy dressed in all white pajama, stares at me, his smile resembles mine, his eyes looks like the man I married. He tiptoes his feet and reaches for my arms. His mouth opens and says "Maaammaaa". And I'm back in the real world.

While some women is gifted with exceptional skin elasticity, I am one of the MANY to the exceptions. It kinda frustrate me when I tried so many poses and ends up deleting almost all the shots because I can't force the camera lens to lie.When I have to wear something special inside to conceal "this thing" from sticking out from the blue cotton dress I excitedly brought home. How I miss flaunting in bikini top when I am as thin as a stick and my tummy is as flat as the piece of paper, ooohhh man!, those were the days (sigh). I don't scare you. It's one of the things you have to look forward to when you reach the phase of motherhood.Reality bites.But the bonus comes after the "sagging" though, you have a cute little angels and a big boy in your life :)

Don't mind the bulges you see. It's a wonder of life :)

 I got this 27 year old vintage clutch bag from my late mom's closet

 What is the essence of a woman?
"Just being a woman is God's gift.The origin of a child is a mother, a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman." - Sushmita Sen

Dress - Forever 21
Topper - gifted (tita's)
Shoes - SM Parisian
Bag - my mom's
Photo - Judy

happy chic


Monday, July 16, 2012


I am inspired to create an outfit over a men's basic white shirt. So I dig my closet for the perfect pants and found my sister's gift to me - a harlem trouser. Such an ideal piece to start with the look I wanted. Nothing fancy. Just simple and casual in unconventional way.

To give the top a touch of femininity, I folded the sleeves up to the length the usual women's shirt has and tucked the shirt in. I don't like to look like a school boy so I accessorize by wearing a beaded chandelier earrings, a gold cuff to match with my gold skinny belt, a wedge and bold red-orange lipstick. This time I stick to neutrals to keep the look simple yet stunning in effortlessly way (did I? :) ).


The sky is getting dark and waiting for the rain to fall.
And same with my husband killing time on my office's hall. I got to go, I can hear his shoes tapping :) 

Top - bargain
Pants - gifted
Earrings - Forever 21
Cuff - fashiondiscounthaven
Shoes - Asianvogue
Photos: Nice


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Sunday, July 15, 2012


I remember when my mom bought my first ever colored jeans way back in high-school. My reaction "mama, bakit maroon?". Well, I don't like it because wearing colored pants even it's on a trend is not my style. At that time, I am still confined  to my ever reliable size 27 cbasic blue jeans (against my size 23 waist line). But since it's from my mama, I wore it thrice and buried it my closet, forever.  

Colored pants have have been in and out in the world of fashion over the years. For this season, colored  pants is back again in (very!) bright candy colors.  If you want to create an eye popping ensemble, these pants is a great option to start with. The choice of colors, however, will still depends on your personality - Bright or Pastels? There's a lot of possibilities to pull off this trend but make sure that the colors will complement each other.If you got some doubts over this trend, again, stick to basic. A basic neutral top will help you get start with the trend ;)

After 14 years since my first encounter with colored pants, I found myself drooling over the yellow jeans I saw from a surplus shop. I am not surprised that my choice of color and fashion preferences have changed over the years :)

A colorful printed top blends well with colored pants.

This striking lightweight wedge I bought in Liliw, Laguna is really comfortable. It can go with any casual attire.The other colorful pair I bought is in this blog

Hitting two birds with one stone is just as hard as juggling your schedules to squeeze time for important work task and some extra curricular activities. And when I have the opportunity to do them together, I grab it instantly - Work and Shoot!

Let me end this blog with a colorful music video "Gee" sung by Girls Generation wearing colored pants :)

Top - bargain
Pants - SM Surplus Shop
Shoes - Liliw Laguna
Photos: Yeye


Thursday, July 12, 2012


The heaven is crying. As much as I wanted to comfort her, I just can't.. because I might get wet :)

Oh yes, it's another rainy afternoon and I've got nowhere to run but to seek refuge on the four corners of the room. I am not desperate, really. The necessity to shoot this outfit is just part of my eagerness to have at least three outfit post in a week. My job doesn't require me to dress up everyday since I always battle with numbers and reports. I just want to look good in front of my computer. Hahaha. Of course, it's a given fact that moms like me should look good... always (My guardian angel whispered if can drop the "always" and rephrase my sentence that "moms like me should look good at least four times in a week" because I failed to look good everyday..ggeesshh). Although, at times I become restless and look grumpy because life may get tough and stressful, I just remain to be optimistic that these trials are just trying to teach me a lesson in life. And that's for me to find out :)



 Top - Weekend Workshop
Leggings - SM Surplus
Necklace - Multiply 
Shoes - Asianvogue 
Photos: Sam


Sunday, July 8, 2012


If you wish to follow the trend of floral power, you might as well step back aand think a little because one wrong move can either make you a fashionable granny or a flower pot girl wannabe. A simple guide is to consider floral patterns as one of the basics, something that could be mix and match with other basic pieces. When you get comfortable and know what type of floral prints flatters you, try a bolder look and experiment with print on print. However, work around with colors in the patterns you already have. The rule on thumb for mixing prints is that they should have the same color family to complement each other.

 In my case, since I am always on the safe mode (haha), I opted to match my floral cardigan with a solid neutral colors: black, nude, white and gold. I also play around with the colors my cardi have to achieve a more cohesive look. The medium sized floral patterns complements my body and added a much needed volume on my petite frame.


I paired my gold belt with a white enamel chunky bib necklace in gold tones. You may notice that the necklace has some spike details on it which adds a little extra something to the ensemble.

I wore a nude chunky heeled sandals to balance the color I am wearing on the top. You can never go wrong with neutrals so make sure that you have at least one pair of shoes to go with any outfits you have.

I know its a little bit late to blog on floral when summer has just ended and the rain has started to take over the sky. In the Philippines, summer and rainy season has no difference except that everything outside is wet. Although some may be digging their closet with darker and warmer clothes, at the end of the rain,  the sun will still shine, and the flowers will still bloom.

Top- Carrinisima Italy
Skirt - bargain
Belt - SM Accessories
Shoes - SM Parisian
Photos: Sam


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A quick stop to fulfill cravings for fishballs and quek-quek is one of the things I always look forward into when I'm on a fieldwork. Being so "cowboy" is something I am thankful and proud of and even if I get rich (which i hope ASAP!), i will never stop from eating this "pantawid gutom" ala carte.  

Because my photographer for the day is busy taking pictures of me without my signal, the man is too curious to see who the hell is he taking pictures of.I wonder what's he's thinking..?

Honestly, my original plan for that day is to shoot along the bridge somewhere in Manila but end up in the busy street of Makati. I realized that I am gaining, with confidence,  "you shoot and I'll strike a pose anywhere". I feel so embarrassed about it, but I'm enjoying it anyways :)

Top - Thrifted
Skirt - Forever 21
Necklace - Ebay
Shoes - Asianvogue
Photos: Yeye

goodmorning everyone!
 happy chic

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I just want to share a funny video me,my husband and our little boy have seen for a hundred times already (exag mode).  See for yourself! Enjoy :) 

 So what do you think?Mababaw ba kaligayahan namin? :)

happy chic :)