Sunday, July 8, 2012


If you wish to follow the trend of floral power, you might as well step back aand think a little because one wrong move can either make you a fashionable granny or a flower pot girl wannabe. A simple guide is to consider floral patterns as one of the basics, something that could be mix and match with other basic pieces. When you get comfortable and know what type of floral prints flatters you, try a bolder look and experiment with print on print. However, work around with colors in the patterns you already have. The rule on thumb for mixing prints is that they should have the same color family to complement each other.

 In my case, since I am always on the safe mode (haha), I opted to match my floral cardigan with a solid neutral colors: black, nude, white and gold. I also play around with the colors my cardi have to achieve a more cohesive look. The medium sized floral patterns complements my body and added a much needed volume on my petite frame.


I paired my gold belt with a white enamel chunky bib necklace in gold tones. You may notice that the necklace has some spike details on it which adds a little extra something to the ensemble.

I wore a nude chunky heeled sandals to balance the color I am wearing on the top. You can never go wrong with neutrals so make sure that you have at least one pair of shoes to go with any outfits you have.

I know its a little bit late to blog on floral when summer has just ended and the rain has started to take over the sky. In the Philippines, summer and rainy season has no difference except that everything outside is wet. Although some may be digging their closet with darker and warmer clothes, at the end of the rain,  the sun will still shine, and the flowers will still bloom.

Top- Carrinisima Italy
Skirt - bargain
Belt - SM Accessories
Shoes - SM Parisian
Photos: Sam



  1. I like visiting inspiring blogs like this.

    1. thank you clara.thank you for appreciating.