Sunday, July 15, 2012


I remember when my mom bought my first ever colored jeans way back in high-school. My reaction "mama, bakit maroon?". Well, I don't like it because wearing colored pants even it's on a trend is not my style. At that time, I am still confined  to my ever reliable size 27 cbasic blue jeans (against my size 23 waist line). But since it's from my mama, I wore it thrice and buried it my closet, forever.  

Colored pants have have been in and out in the world of fashion over the years. For this season, colored  pants is back again in (very!) bright candy colors.  If you want to create an eye popping ensemble, these pants is a great option to start with. The choice of colors, however, will still depends on your personality - Bright or Pastels? There's a lot of possibilities to pull off this trend but make sure that the colors will complement each other.If you got some doubts over this trend, again, stick to basic. A basic neutral top will help you get start with the trend ;)

After 14 years since my first encounter with colored pants, I found myself drooling over the yellow jeans I saw from a surplus shop. I am not surprised that my choice of color and fashion preferences have changed over the years :)

A colorful printed top blends well with colored pants.

This striking lightweight wedge I bought in Liliw, Laguna is really comfortable. It can go with any casual attire.The other colorful pair I bought is in this blog

Hitting two birds with one stone is just as hard as juggling your schedules to squeeze time for important work task and some extra curricular activities. And when I have the opportunity to do them together, I grab it instantly - Work and Shoot!

Let me end this blog with a colorful music video "Gee" sung by Girls Generation wearing colored pants :)

Top - bargain
Pants - SM Surplus Shop
Shoes - Liliw Laguna
Photos: Yeye



  1. you liked pala colored pants..i'm selling it :) hahaha can't post lam mo na

  2. Amazing colors together make a great result!:)