Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Who say's that knit sweaters are for cool climate only?? Somehow I made people's eyebrows raise or even levitate when I wore my chunky knitted sweater over a  33 degrees celcius temperature in Manila (haha). I have a sweltering body temperature and I wouldn't dare my myself to leave the house sweating like a pig! Besides, I won't give up comfortability over "porma" (but I can have both of them). 

Well, I admit that I look very very hot (literally) in it. But the loose viscose fabric do the trick! Since the fabric is not tight knitted, it allows air to come in and helps the skin to breathe out. Just wear a tube or brassiere underneath for an extra easy breezy feeling.

Wearing a tight-fitted pants/skirts/leggings over a loose fitting chunky sweater gives a more feminine silhouette.  

Make a statement by adding layers of necklaces. This will tone down the volume of the fabric.

A pop of oranges and yellows gives this ensemble a summery vibe :)

I bought this "missoni" inspired wedges in  a local store somewhere in Liliw, Laguna. The place is a heaven of colorful wedges!!! And I am torn between sooo many wedges I wanted to buy! I end up buying two pairs only since I will still have to buy Jamie's milk back in Manila.

Three minutes after we leave the photoshoot location, a man was shot to death twice at the back in the same corner where me and Sam were taking pictures.What if we were still there? Geesshh. Creepy.

Knitted Top - thrifted
Pants - bench, local brand
Pearl Necklace - SM Accessories
Tassle  Necklace - Fashiondiscounthaven
Shoes - Lili, Laguna
Photo - Sam


Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm on the verge of yelling 'YES I'M DONE!" when Mr. Circular Reference appeared with a smirk in his face.He never fails to show up on critical times. Geesh. I never had a chance to win a battle against him even if Mr.F1 is there to back me up. It even come to a point that I questioned the reliability of Mr. F1 when the problem is ME who always makes a cobweb of formulas. As a consequence of my tangled excel formulas, I forced myself to go for a Sunday overtime and work on a fresh worksheet to start all over again. What a great day to start "Mother's day".

And so I woke up early in the morning, put on my unflattering high-waist shorts and tagged along my camera with me to serve my defeat.

Here are the random shots I took the moment I stepped down my violet gladiator sandals in a ghost town somewhere in Makati.  

Don't stare. This is actually called "office" :)

When I'm done with what needs to be done, I settled my mind on the sumptuous orange roasted pork waiting for me at home cooked by my (aspiring chef) husband. Happy Mother's day and belated Happy Birthday to me!

This is a three-week late post. 
This day would be my last gratis overtime for the year


Friday, May 25, 2012


I am about to take lunch with my officemates when we tried to steal several clicks  for a supposedly later in the afternoon photo session. I realized at that point that I still have to master the art of striking a pose without being mindful of whoever sees me in that feeling model situation.

I've been wearing this Rene Derhy vintage over-sized button down shirt for several times already. The geometric ethnic prints, over-sized kimono sleeves and the uneven hemlines makes this shirt very exceptional.
The shirt has a shorter length in front. Hence, I tucked it in to hide my mommy marks :)
The back has a pleated and longer length which adds volume to the over-sized shirt.
I need to wear a high-heeled shoes because I never had a chance to alter the length of my pants.
This is after we pigged-out and walked down the sundrenched street.
Watch out for my blog about Rene Derhy in the coming days :)

Top - Rene Derhy 
Pants - Gap
Shoes - asianvogue
Photos: Judy


Monday, May 21, 2012


This is the day when I'm juggling numbers while somebody 's poking me from behind asking for the numbers I am not yet finished juggling. How I wish a stress-activated paper shredder machine would save my sanity and rally around the tons papers over my desk while I am busy smashing the keyboard. As I sit in a reverie in the most chaotic corner of the room, a sudden impulse to reinstate my consciousness into the real world provoked me to seek comfort in front of the camera lens.Tara, let's go to the park :)
Batwing loose fitting tops flatters all shapes and sizes. It accentuates the svelte figure of a petite women; and hides bulges of a full-bodied women.  Wearing plain rather than printed fabrics allows you to play with lots of colors and different accessories. Moreover, you'll never worry if the prints flatter your figure or not. What I like most with this kind of top is that it's usually made of soft, flowing and lightweight fabric perfect for summer season.

High-waist pants, aside from it covers bulges around the stomach area, shows off fuller hips and smaller waist. Pinstripes pants is best when worn with bright solid colored tops and accessories. 
The contrasting effect of a loose fitting top and butt-hugging bootleg pants is extreme sexiness. No need to show the bootylicious out there :)
Added a  violet waist belt to add more colors
I found the same necklace I fancied to buy in an online store which I'm glad I didn't. I also saw it at forever 21 although not the exact design but the materials used are basically the same and the cost? P505. I got mine for P120 in a bargain store.

Adrenaline rush may take the life of your most precious pair of shoes.Goodbye.

BEWARE: Don't wear heels while doing a multiple jump shots and later regret because the shots are either blurry or you look silly in it.

Top - Forever 21
Pants - ju's
Belt - SM Accesories
Necklace - bargain
Shoes - asianvogueshop
Photo: Judy


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We went to the hospital last week to see Jamie's doctor because he's been suffering from cough for almost a week. It all started with a mild cough and then it gets persistent at night. He takes a deep breathe in between coughs so we have to rub his back to at least relieve the tightness in his chest.There's even a time when he threw up the milk he just drank. If only he could talk. But all he can do is just cry and fall asleep whenever he's relieved from comfort bestowed upon him. However, at the end of each sleepless night, you will still see his face light up when he wakes up in the morning especially when he hears " Jamie alis tayo?" Hayy..manang-mana ang nanay mo sayo!
 Mommy: Jamie picture!
And here's his reaction. Hhhaaaang cute! :)
 He grabbed my razor and wounded his left thumb.I never notice it until we have reached the hospital.

 He patiently waited for his turn. Ninang Marie asked him to hold his backpack but he hugs it instead.

While waiting for the CBC result, we went to Jollibee and ate his favorite, french fries.

Since his CBC result suggests "bacterial infection", he needs to take anti-biotic for seven days to fight the infection. If the cough still persists within that period, there's nothing we could do but to wait until it subsides or call the doctor if the cough gets worst.

By the time I am writing this blog, me and my husband have been experiencing cold and mild cough for two days already.

Spell C-O-N-T-A-G-I-O-U-S.