Thursday, May 3, 2012


People always ask "why" when all they have to do is just say "yes or no" parang si Manong Guard in the nearby parking area. Good thing, he gave us his permission to take photos but for personal consumption only.While we are taking pictures, Manong Guard reserved a seat in one corner - too curious - a big question mark popped above his head. Pumi-peeling artista lang po :)

High waist skirt is best worn by women with long torso and legs. Since I am short and petite, I always paired this skirt with a high heeled pump to elongate my short legs. At the same time wear a wide belt that is the same as color of my top to give an illusion of longer torso since high waist skirt takes inches of the upper body.

 A-line high waist skirt exudes elegance and accentuates body curves. So if you are having a belly-on-the-loose kind of problem, just wear a girdle to hide that bulges and to avoid panty lines as well.

High waist skirts is best when you are walking ---  it brings out the hourglass in you. Haha :)

This tunic sheer top is also a great option for night-outs. It can also stand out without too much accessories.

A chandelier earrings to finish the look.

We are living in a free world only if you make some "bola" to the proper authorities. Otherwise, you will be forced to look for some other venue ;)

Top - thrifted
High-waist skirt - forever 21
Belt - thrifted
Earrings - forever 21
Shoes - asianvogueshop
Photo: Ms. Judy


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