Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm on the verge of yelling 'YES I'M DONE!" when Mr. Circular Reference appeared with a smirk in his face.He never fails to show up on critical times. Geesh. I never had a chance to win a battle against him even if Mr.F1 is there to back me up. It even come to a point that I questioned the reliability of Mr. F1 when the problem is ME who always makes a cobweb of formulas. As a consequence of my tangled excel formulas, I forced myself to go for a Sunday overtime and work on a fresh worksheet to start all over again. What a great day to start "Mother's day".

And so I woke up early in the morning, put on my unflattering high-waist shorts and tagged along my camera with me to serve my defeat.

Here are the random shots I took the moment I stepped down my violet gladiator sandals in a ghost town somewhere in Makati.  

Don't stare. This is actually called "office" :)

When I'm done with what needs to be done, I settled my mind on the sumptuous orange roasted pork waiting for me at home cooked by my (aspiring chef) husband. Happy Mother's day and belated Happy Birthday to me!

This is a three-week late post. 
This day would be my last gratis overtime for the year


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