Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One of the reason why I go thrift shopping is to dig fully lined dresses, jackets and vest. My desire to own something velvety inside gives me an illusion of splurging on luxurious and enviable a must-have exquisite piece. Whenever I find one, I give myself a pat on the back -- lucky girl, mission accomplished!! The next thing I do, however, is to pay at the counter and hurriedly leave the store before my compulsive buying and "what if's?" strikes again :)

This thrifted vest I unearthed during one of my unplanned thrift shopping is exactly what I am looking for -- except that it is three sizes bigger than my normal clothing size.Good thing it has tie at the back to keep the vest from not looking too baggy.

I want to make the vest as the main dish of the entire look, so I came up with an all black top, skirt and shoes with gold accents as the side dish.


What I like most about this vest -- aside from it is fully lined --- is it has an exquisite vintage gold buttons.  
Mesh is a great option to add spice on a black ensemble.
Mesh details like this gives a bit of sexiness without showing off a bare skin.
Gold and Black  when mix together equals ELEGANCE.

This vest is "one" of my best thrift haul this year. I use "one" because there are too many of them confined in my closet waiting for their turn to shine :) Truly I am one of the the luckiest thrift shopper in town!
Knit Top - Thrifted
Vest - Thrifted
Skirt - bargain
Belt - SM Accessories
Necklace -  SM Accessories
Shoes - Asianvogue
Photos: Nice

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