Monday, April 16, 2012


We are off to hospital for jamie's varicella (chicken pox) vaccination today. As I always tell him " lagot yang pwet mo ngayon". It doesn't bother him anyways, not until the nurse shot him from behind. Afterwards, we went to Trinoma to treat our little  baby :)

 We ordered french fries at Greenwich;

 and ate our lunch at Super Bowl of China.

Next stop:  Carousel ride.
Jamie needs a little horseback riding with daddy :)

Looks like my two boys are having fun :)

 Oh's getting boring. Haha.
Come on down!

 Beware strangers, you might bump with this little playful boy.
He scamper a lot!!

See I told you. Enjoy ang bata di ba?

 Oh no, daddy is running too!

 Daddy is tying up his shoe laces.

Lampin came to the rescue!  He still never stops from wandering around :0

He drank 4 ounces of water.

A little chitchat on the side.

 Time zone at Kidzone.

 I wonder where he is getting so much energy he had today.

Some serious matinee idol look.

Daddy is dog-tired (I should be the one!!)

I admit, I'm drained.
But  when you see this adorable boy goofing around and having fun with daddy in one corner -- dog-tired..hahaha.It makes me laugh and savor every moment of it.

Have a great Saturday!

Happy Chic
the honorable photographer

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