Thursday, April 19, 2012


What do you the call the phenomenon of a split second rush of overloaded ideas followed by a sudden drop of energy? It is called "I-must-note-down-and-execute-them-one-by-one-or-else-i'll-be-whacked-from-doing-nothing" or in equivalent Filipino expression "drawing-lang naman, napagod pa?" Seriously, I had a lot of things jammed in my fickle mind. And everyday, it piles up whenever I want to do or try something new but end up doing nothing.Sigh..Time is too expensive to waste and I'm losing millions already!I should have bought a house by now.haha.

Moving on, as I commit myself to make use of my precious time VERY wisely, let me roll down the cues of the things that will remind me every time  I'm in my forgetful self. (drum roll please.)
  1. 51 classes on english proficiency.
  2. Dressmaking short courses.
  3. Thrift shopping.
  4. Vintage garments.
  5. Budget proposal-DONE
  7. Logic.
  8. Ebay
  9. Photos and photo albums
  10. Exercise.
  12. DIY project.
  13. Siblings.
  14. Budget.
  15. SAVINGS.
  16. Photography.
  17. Forbidden credit card swipes.
  18. COOK.
  19. FAMILY DAY..
  20. Shakes.
  21. Travel.
  22. Airfare sale.
  23. File.
  24. Insurance.
  25. Bank account.
  26. 1'1 I.D picture 
  27. Patience, patience and patience.
  28. Body Massage.
  29. Hair color.
  30. Foot spa.
  31. CLEAN.
  32. Drink.
  33. Socialize.
  34. Friends.
  35. SMILE.
  39. CHOOSE.

Oh yes, I'm done with no. 39! And I choose no. 37 :)

Still, my lifetime commitment as a mother and a wife is the most important duty I have right now. Well, I'll just have to slot in some of these things in my spare time, take it one at a time and splash it with confidence!

For the meantime, let me finish first my 2-week overdue work papers which I am now tagged as "WANTED:DEAD OR ALIVE".

Happy Chic

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