Saturday, April 21, 2012


By this time, Filipinos have already embraced the culture of thrift shopping or "ukay-ukay" in Filipino term. But some might be still hesitant to adapt this practice because of EGO and SANITATION.The "icky" feeling is there; the embarrassment you feel that someone might see you; perception that thrift shops are for people who don't have money to buy new clothes and so on. On a lighter note, some are just uncomfortable with the idea of wearing clothes that have been worn by someone they don't know. You can just imagine searching through the racks of unwanted dusty garments that collectively formed an unpleasant smell. And what adds more to this is that some thrift stores present themselves in a disheartening manner: FILTHY, HORRIBLE INVENTORY, LACK OF DECENT DRESSING ROOM and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Given a supreme effort, however, some things may not be the same thing anymore. Just think of these words: treasure hunting, surprises, environment friendly (recycling), quality and price, practicality, bonding and timeless charm. A little advise: CHOOSE the thrift shop you are planning to go into for the first time because it might discouraged you to shop for the second time :)

To give you some encouraging pat on the shoulder, let me share to you what I found during my unplanned quick visit in a thrift store at Monumento.

See for yourself :)

My sudden craving for bright colored eye catching clothing pieces started out when I found this Italian blazer 3 weeks ago. I gasped the moment I saw it. Hell yeah, THIS IS MINE OVER MY SEXY(?) BODY! I excitedly tried it on only to get frustrated. Too big but I bought it anyways. This baby deserves a new owner with compassionate heart who will treat her with tender loving care, shower with ariel anti-bac laundry detergent, indulge with the luxurious fragrance of downy conditioner and iron her to make her crease free.

Moving forward, the crisp tailored cut gives that  "uhhmmpp" sexiness even on a pair of jeans; it's bold summery colors blended well together while the black thick lines and houndstooth cuff adds contrast to the overall design of the fabric.  

Aspring model-modelan: Samantha ;)
Accentuated with playful big orange buttons just like frosting in cake. 

And speaking of cakes, my co-worker Samantha  has a food blog open for 24 hours :) She bakes heavenly homemade bridadeiros a.k.a choco fudge truffles. You can message her for orders. Believe me, I'm not a fan of  pastries not until I tasted it. This is not a paid advertisement :)

Sam's shoes is new, obvious ba?

Blazer - Thrifted, Sam's new baby :)
Pants and Shoes - Sam's

This marks as my first fashion blog ever.
There will be a lot of outfit post after this.
And oh did I tell you that thrift shopping is addictive?

 Happy Chic

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