Sunday, September 23, 2012


I know it's not a big deal if I'll tell you that I am color blind.But since I already bring it up, I might as well share a little odd about myself. My eyes can actually see the color itself but my brain had a hard hard hard time telling my eyes what color is it. There's also a creepiness in it which I am quite bemused - I can see colors like periwinkle, pomelo pink, and some colors with complex color coordinates. I tried to search the internet what causes it but it only makes me more mixed-up. The only thing that is certain to me now is that I will never had a chance to drive my own car unless I ask for a medical help. Sometimes, I wish all colors will either mixed themselves together or just disappear once in a while so that I have only two colors to choose from, White and Black. But how's life without colors? Terrible, isn't it? Right now, I am enjoying a bottomless call-a friend "can you tell me what color is this?" lifeline. And I am glad, until now, they never failed to answer that old-time question.


Top - Hennes and Mauritz (gifted)
Vest - Hennes and Mauritz (gifted)
Pants - Gap
Earrings -  SM Accessories
Belt - SM Accessories
Shoes - SM Parisian
Sunglasses - SM Accessories
Photos: Nice

Hugs and Kisses from a girl who wanted to fill the earth with bold striking colors without the need to name a color,

happychic ;)

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