Monday, September 10, 2012


Ripped/tattered/distressed jeans (or whatever you call it), is a style of denim jeans that has rips, holes, tears, frays and other signs of distress found on the different areas of the garment. In 1950's, this type of jeans became synonymous to poverty. In 1970's, it became a symbol for freedom of expression from political views to religious beliefs and a fashion statement associated with rock and roll lifestyle. In 1980's, it paved its way to the retail industry as the newest trend in leisure wear. By 2012, ripped jeans have reached fashion icon status which are often spotted on celebrities and designer labels.

If you want to create a bold fashion statement, ripped jeans is one of the option. It only depends on the person on how to incorporate this type of jeans on other pieces, set within the limit of her/his fashion preferences.I, for example, who always go for a casual/chic look, would not wear ripped jeans with a black make up and metallic all over (Does anyone here knows an exorcist??). It is so over the top and creepy, right?    

As I always say, I go for a casual and chic look.So I paired my tattered jeans with a statement high-low top and a mesh cut-out fish mouth sandals, perfect for my first day in English class :)

Ripped jeans is CHIC or CHEAP?
What do you think?

Top - Bargain
Pants - Thrifted
Shoes - Hand-me-down
Bag - Hand-me-down
Photo: Sam
Reference credit to Wise Geek and tkbbblog


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