Saturday, October 6, 2012


Here is the scarf top I have featured in my first-ever DIY blog post here. As I what I am saying in my previous blog, this top has a fabulous fabric type and design but the style is outdated. To give the top a modern twist, I did an easy trick on the areas that needs a little improvement like tweaking the sleeves and tying the lower hem to make the top look smaller, and conceal the missing button in the lower hem.

I want to highlight the top so I wore a neutral colors like white and brown. I added a blue fringe gold necklace to complement the gold vintage button as well as to give the top a more pop of color.

I hope you like it as guys as much as I do :)

Top - DIY thrifted 
Pants - SM surplus
Necklace - multiply
Shoes - Korean
Photos - David and Janice

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