Sunday, October 7, 2012


The sun's arrogant rays at my window forced me to jumped out in my bed and dashed outside the room to take my weekday morning routine in five minutes. I grabbed anything light and warm, hurriedly packed my things and settled beautifully inside the car, not for work, but to educate myself on how to put on a make-up. Hence, this is my first "absent from work" outfit post. In case you may want to know, I do not tolerate myself from splurging my leave credits on personal activities except on emergency situations or when time would make it useless.

I was looking for anything light and warm to exchange blows with the sun's boiling heat. I picked out my favorite wardrobe pieces, shorts and blazer, to grant me the much needed comfort while in style. I paired it with a warm colored tank top, colored fringe necklace and flat shoes to create contrast and color.
When I received this bag as a gift for my baby boy when he turned one year old last February, my heart beat so fast because I was kind of bowl over it.The bag is screaming GOLD!! It is also very stylish, functional and sturdy. I can actually bring the whole house with me.

If I will be given a chance to create an office dress code, shorts + blazer would be the required civilian clothing on casual Fridays (dreaming).

Top - bargain
Blazer -  thrifted vintage
Shorts - random brand
Bag - Naraya
Shoes - SM Accessories
Photo: Chilo


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