Monday, October 15, 2012


These photos where taken when I am about to hear tribulations from a soul whose happiness is as shallow as mine. Judging a person from how you see them laugh on petty things or how they make people happy is not always a "what you see is what you get" kind of thing. You have to knock on someone's heart to see what's really inside of them. Once they let you in, you might be surprised on how they manage to put laughter onto their faces; how they seek refuge by putting smile on people's faces; how they seemed so invincible like no one can ever put their souls down. The truth is what you see with your eyes is just purely superficial. You can never tell that their heart is already hurting, bleeding and dying in pain until you let them speak their heart out. Just listen. You'll help millions of souls even without talking.  

Setting aside the emotional thoughts above, pairing a basic white top with anything printed will always look perfectly. It is my first time to wear a printed cotton pants which I thought looked like a pajama.I'm glad it didn't when it is worn.

I can't resist this diamond hook earrings even it looked like a piece of aluminum dangling in my ears.

I was about to end this blog when I suddenly remembered my blog post about "which color best describe you?". I checked on the meaning of white and thought that I have picked the relevant color for this one-on-one conversation with a lonesome person. May she finds ways to start a fresh beginning and clear clutter and obstacles away as she goes on with the next day challenge of life. Chin up, girl!

Top - Benetton (gifted)
Pants - thrifted vintage
Earrings - SM Accessories
Shoes - gifted
Photos: Janice


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