Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I'm not a sucker for polka dots but this pattern always catches my eyes. It gives this certain vintage appeal that is hard to resist (like a vintage pinup girl model). It looks so young and cheerful; flirty and fun.

To tone down the prints of this flirty polka dot blue dress (which is up for grabs at ebay) and make it more appropriate as an office attire, I grabbed the most light colored blazer I have in my closet which I also blog here. I really like how the two pieces, with the chunky mary janes, complement each other making the whole look - sweet and preppy.

I accentuate the dress by wearing accessories in the same circle patterns. I chose a small and neutral colored pearls,with some trinkets, not to bring attention away from the polka dress. 

For the last part of the photo ops, I take off my blazer because 1) my ever reliable and patient photographer, Sam, has instructed me to 2) I'm sweating already and 3) thought my arms looks a little bit smaller (yes it did depending on the angle haha) in this dress which I am hiding for sixteen months because of an after birth cellulite..well until now actually.

 This cinch waist a-line dress is made of a very light material which may be too dangerous when the wind blows.

Blazer - thrifted 
Pearl necklace (single) - SM Accessories
Layered necklace - ebay
Shoes - asianvogue
Photo: Sam


happy chic


  1. Love!!!!! :)One of the shoots that I enjoyed :)) Unti ng pics na nilagay mo! Haha!

  2. ayan, added two photos hahaha.thanks samsam