Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I got ecstatic about getting my hands over this oversized poncho when it was put up on sale five months ago in a popular online store. The deciding point, however, is how much money will I burn when I have to place an order abroad against digging its local branch hoping to get lucky to have the same design in the sale rack. I guess being so strapped for cash at that moment is a blessing in disguise :)

I paired the oversized poncho/cardigan with a fitted dress and glam it up by adding a vintage inspired collar necklace in gold tone. Since I have short legs (as what I am often say), I chose a short dress which has almost the same length as the poncho to look taller.


You get more value to the hard-earned money by shopping wisely :)

Poncho - Forever 21
Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - Asian Vogue
Photos - Sam


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  1. joy, pati ito pwede ko mahiram? ang problema kung madadala ko naman maayos yang outfit na yan haha!