Monday, February 11, 2013


Ladies should take precaution to first look in the mirror before dodging outside the house or you might end up prancing around the street half naked and may become the lone person in this world to activate the God-given supernatural  x-ray vision of the humankind.

As fashion evolves, old time favorites like leggings, re-gain its spot in the limelight as the must-have fashion piece for the season, if not for the year. However, some women might have forgotten that some things never change. Leggings is the same old thing that clings into your body like leech and hugs body curves in perfect precision.

Leggings is meant to  be worn underneath a tunic, dress, skirts or shorts .Although, I have seen a lot of high quality leggings that is thick enough to conceal the private contour like those of high end athletic brands, it is still advisable to HIDE YOUR BUTT, please.

Leggings comes in different colors and textures - plain and printed, leather and synthetic. It can go with any type of clothing like blazers, tunics, cardigan, over-sized tops, shorts, skirts, mini dresses and anything that covers the crotch area.

Leggings is a versatile and comfortable clothing piece. You can wear it almost in all occasion (except off course on event where gown rules) or even at work.With the right combination, you can transform your looks from simple to bombshell, from sporty to preppy, from classic to modern and from lady to rocker chic.

Keep in mind ladies: Don't you dare expose the camel toes.

(Disclaimer: I am not the owner of the photos displayed. These were taken randomly from google and yahoo images. Some of the images is the famous Filipino fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian. Go check her blog here).


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