Saturday, February 16, 2013


My closet is in a pandemonium state right now - struggling for a breathing space it enjoys once in a while. Seeing all these things inside my closet felt like everything is in chaos. I see clothes fell on the floor, pleading for its freedom from airless space. Hoarding too much clothes at a minimal space become my habit for so many years and its getting worst than I could have imagined. I need a lifetime daily dose of organizing pills

I get inspired searching for a walk-in closet.I imagined myself looking through the freshly painted room with the much needed space I am longing for. I pulled the quirkiest knob I see -- feeling giddy looking at my clothes, shoes and accessories arranged beautifully.  Sigh. I dream of having them in the near future and share it with my two boys.
I know that organizing things on premium sized space may take a lot of effort and creativity. I am not creative. But I do exert effort. Effort on a daily basis may be enough to keep me and my closet manageable.While there will be a time in my life that I will still go back to the bad habit from time to time, at least, the habit of effort is already in my bloodstream and will take charge of anything messy. Somehow, you may think that I just need a self- discipline and housekeeping skills to be organize.Yeah, I agree. But I need a little boost and remind myself all the time that I don't have any reason to mess around ;)


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